Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation classes are a structured exercise programme designed specifically for those managing heart problems or at risk of developing them. At Heartbeat the classes are delivered by fully qualified BACPR (British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation) fitness instructors experienced in supporting this group. Our classes are delivered across the community in 7 different locations utilising local leisure facilities across Lancashire to make services accessible.

If we don’t deliver cardiac rehabilitation in your area please contact us as we are expanding our services each year as part of our strategic plan.

Please call us on 01772 717147 or email us at

Our Bespoke Heart Centre at Preston North End

Our Deepdale heart centre and head office includes the ‘Gillian Redman Gym’, a brand new gym with 22 pieces of new gym equipment. As an alternative we have a studio offering a range of exercise programmes for all abilities.

Class Locations

To see a map of all the locations that Heartbeat classes take place, please see the class location page.

For further details on our classes at Corpus Christi Cardio Club click here

Class Timetables

For an up to date list of all our classes, please see our class timetable page.