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Heartbeat’s community programme focuses on highlighting the risk factors associated with Cardiovascular Disease and aims to empower individuals to make small changes that have a big impact on their overall health.

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All our sessions are tailor made to suit your meetings, conferences, and events. As a self-funding charity, we rely on donations to continue our work in the Lancashire area, a donation from your group would be appreciated.

Details of our talks and workshops topics

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Heartbeat NWCC – Our story so far…

This session details our history, our services, how we self-fund, our lottery, volunteering opportunities and our impact on cardiovascular disease in Lancashire. This session also includes a video of some of our member’s experiences with Heartbeat-NWCC.

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Healthy Hearts – How heart smart are you?

Annually in the UK alone 42,000 people die prematurely from cardiovascular disease (CVD). This interactive quiz explores the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Models and statistics are used throughout the quiz to help reinforce and animate the topics for discussion.

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Surviving Heart Disease

Nothing is more powerful than a story from the heart. Our stories of survival make the data on heart disease come to life and echo the importance of prevention and early detection.

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Diabetes and Heart Disease

Since 1996, the number of people living with diabetes in the UK has more than doubled. This session explores the relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease, reducing the risk and how to help protect the heart if diabetes is already present.

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Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the nation’s biggest killer. Statistics show that raised blood cholesterol is a factor in nearly half of all CHD cases, this session explores this relationship and gives information about cholesterol testing and its results.

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Healthy Eating

Not a day goes by without a new announcement on what we should, or shouldn’t be eating. Social media, TV, newspapers, claims to make you thin, low fat this, sugar free that!! This sessions explores how a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease, reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, and help lower cholesterol levels.

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Chair Based Exercise

If you have difficulty standing or walking, it doesn’t have to mean exercise is out of the question. This practical class is an excellent way of introducing the body to exercise. Exercises are performed from a seated position and are designed to promote strength, flexibility and co-ordination.

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First Aid Skills

Would you know what to do in an emergency? Knowing when to call an ambulance and knowing how to give basic life support is the first chain in the chain of survival. We provide awareness sessions and demonstrations around actions in an emergency Cheap Xanax China

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Hydration and Heart Health

Hydration reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 46% in men and 59% in women. This talk explores this evidence giving tips of how to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Contact details

For further information and to discuss your needs and our availability please contact us on 01772 717147 or email Alprazolam To Buy Online.

Feedback about our workshops

“Thanks to Siân for doing a great ‘heart health’ talk at our recent team brief.  We’d identified a trend of heart issues within our construction teams so your interactive quiz was a great opportunity to raise awareness about causes of conditions and their effects.  Your personality brought energy to the room and we have received some great feedback from our participants.  Thanks again for supporting us”

Claire Hyde, Construction Functional Manager, United Utilities

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If you would like our input into your events, seminars, meetings or conferences, please contact Siân at Buy Alprazolam 3Mg or call 01772 717147


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