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All our workshop activities are curriculum-based and explore aspects of healthy living from the science, PSHE and PE schemes of work for KS1 and KS2.

Our workshops can be a great way to celebrate, have fun, fundraise, and bring your school and a local charity together.

We aim to teach as many children about making the right lifestyle choices now and how those small changes will develop into habits that improve their future. We do this by giving children the facts and information they need in a fun, memorable way that allows them to make informed decisions.

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Heartbeat’s workshops can be as big or as small as you like, from a single class/assembly to an event for all the school.

  • Foundation Phase – Key Stage 2
  • Exploring the science, PSHE and PE schemes of work
  • Tailor made to fit your school day
  • Ideal for health week activities
  • £200 a day

Our Workshops

Healthy Hearts

Session length: 30-60 minutes

Age suitability: Nursery – Year 6

Xanax 2Mg Bars Buy This educational and interactive workshop will explore ‘What’s under our skin?’ with specific focus on the heart as well as an overview of the skeletal, muscular and digestive systems.

A presentation is given along with interactive models, games, question and answer sessions and posters to aid with the learning experience. It also includes an interactive quiz where pupils have the opportunity to win some heart health prizes.

Mini Medics (First aid skills)

Session length: 90-120 minutes

Age suitability: Year 4-6

 Buy Ativan Xanax Valium This workshop focuses on emergency life support (ELS) skills that can help to keep someone alive until professional help arrives.Pupils will learn when and how to act in a life-threatening emergency. The workshop allows maximum time for practice and hands-on learning using resuscitation training mannequins.

Understanding Food

Session length: 60 minutes

Age suitability: Year 2-6

How To Purchase Xanax Online A major focus of the primary PSHE curriculum is healthy eating: what are the main food groups? What constitutes a ‘balanced’ meal? What effects do different nutrients have on the body?

To help answer these questions and more, Heartbeat’s Understanding Food workshops will help your pupils to understand the value of different foods and how to make informed choices about what they put into their bodies.

What’s in my drink?

Session length: 60 minutes

Age suitability: Year 4-6

Example day

Your PSHE day can be tailor made to your school day, a typical example of the day:

Time Class Workshops
9:00-9:45 (45 min) Yr3 Healthy Hearts Workshop
9:45-10:30 (45 min) Yr4 Understanding Food Workshop
10:45-11:15 (30min) Reception Healthy Hearts – My body workshop
11:15-11:45 (30min) Yr1 Healthy Hearts – What’s under my skin workshop
12:45-1:15 (30min) Yr2 Healthy Hearts – What’s under my skin workshop
1:15-2:10 (55min) Yr5 Understanding Food Workshop
2:15-3:10 (55min) Yr6 What’s in my drink?


“Our pupils very much enjoyed the experience and it was fantastic to see them engaged and learning something new. The whole day was an overwhelming success”.

Emma Birks, Preston Muslim Girls High School

“Year 5 enjoyed a visit from Heartbeat, where we learnt about the heart and how to keep it healthy.  We looked at the model of a heart, what fat looks like inside our bodies, what blocked arteries might look like if we chose to have an unhealthy diet and we also weighed out portions of cereals and worked out the sugar content in our bowls.  All this is helping in our science topic: Keeping Healthy”.

Claire Panther, Medlar with Wesham Primary School

Contact Details

For further information and to discuss your needs and our availability please contact us on 01772 717147 or email Xanax Order Online - Canada.