Graham’s Story…

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When Graham Kirkham suffered a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass at the age of 44 he was stunned. Although there was history of heart disease in the family Graham always felt he was fairly fit and active, “I thought I was bullet proof as I was never ill and worked long hours in a very physical job.”

After his time in hospital Graham came to Heartbeat for cardiac rehabilitation, he has never looked back and credits Heartbeat with turning his life around.

“After having a heart attack and bypass, you feel frightened when it comes to exercise even though you know you need it” says Graham. “I was nervous and tentative about exercising as I did not know what would happen. But the team at Heartbeat put me at ease. You go there twice a week for exercise under supervision and within weeks, you love the place and can’t wait until the next time you go. The cardiac rehabilitation is structured and there are nurses on hand to support you.  It’s great as you are in the company of like-minded people who have all been through similar heart procedures.

“I felt so much better after going to Heartbeat as it has filled me with confidence and given me a new lease of life.”