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Meet the Heartbeat Team


Louise Bache


I joined the Heartbeat Team in November 2011 as Service Development Manager. During the last year I have covered the post of CEO during Jill’s unfortunate illness.

In December 2018 I have been appointed CEO of Heartbeat.  I am excited to take on this new challenge to expand our reach throughout the North West, identify and strengthen our existing networks and develop  a culture of togetherness, support and peer education.

    Michelle Hunt

    Fundraising Manager

    Hi, I’m Michelle, I’ve been working at Heartbeat as Fundraising Manager since 2012.

    My day to day role is to, with the help of the Fundraising and Lottery team, generate income for Heartbeat.  This money is then used to fund our cardiac rehabilitation programmes and the preventative work we do.

    I love working at Heartbeat because every day is a different challenge and we are able to see first hand the results of the work we do to support people affected by heart disease.

      Siân Percival-Edwards

      Health Development Officer

      Hello, I’m Sian and I’ve worked for Heartbeat since 2012.

      My role is split into several areas: I deliver Heartbeat’s PSHE workshops; supporting and encouraging schools in their quest for teaching pupils about healthy living with our Healthy Workshops.

      Heartbeat is dedicated to raising awareness of this largely preventable disease and offers community groups the opportunity of having speakers visit to deliver talks to their group regarding cardiovascular disease prevention.

      I also deliver Level 3, 2 and awareness first aid courses which are fully accredited and certified by the First Aid Awards.

      As a charity we actively encourage and support the placement of Automated External Defibrillators in the community… if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Whilst actively raising our profile with the medical practises in Preston and the local area. I deliver First Aid courses for medical professionals; these are annual (medical) and three yearly (non-medical) courses that all surgeries must undertake in order to fulfil their Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) points.

        Debbie Crossley

        Cardiac Physiologist

        My name is Debbie Crossley and I have been Heartbeat’s Cardiac Physiologist since 1990. I am responsible and present for all medical testing carried out at Heartbeat.

        Prior to joining our programmes, our service users undergo a thorough medical assessment which includes an Exercise Treadmill Test.

        I also carry out a series of other diagnostic tests offered by Heartbeat which include Resting ECG’s, 24 hour -7 day ECG monitoring, 24 hour Blood Pressure monitoring, Event monitoring, Spirometry Testing, Exercise Treadmill testing (with or without gas analysis) and ECG Screening.

          Joanne Duff

          Cardiac Physiologist

          My name is Joanne Duff. I used to do health screening for BUPA & then specialised in cardiology, working for the NHS as a Cardiac Physiologist. I joined Heartbeat as a Cardiac Physiologist in 2017 to help with medical testing including treadmill tests, lung function tests, 24 hour ECG & BP monitoring.

            Bernadette Swift

            Patient Support Officer

            I am Heartbeat’s Patient Support Officer and have worked for the charity since 2012.

            I am responsible for arranging the exercise treadmill tests for new patients, their appointments for echocardiograms and blood pressure monitors.

            I meet with new members to discuss classes and venues and to discuss any concerns.

            I am also responsible for arranging repeat tests for members who have been on the programme for 9 months.

              Rebecca Ellis

              Hi there, I began volunteering at Heartbeat in November 2015 to gain experience while completing my undergraduate degree, and then later, my masters in Health Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire. I am now at Staffordshire University studying the Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology and am required to have a full time placement in a health care setting. Because of how much I enjoyed volunteering, it was an easy decision for me to stay but in a new role!

              As a trainee Health Psychologist, I am developing a psychological service at Heartbeat, to complement and enhance the exercise service. I assist in classes to have contact with our service users and am developing an intervention to help them make successful health behaviour changes. I am also researching how cardiac rehabilitation affects quality of life and how its effect can be maximised. I am enjoying my training at Heartbeat and look forward to becoming a fully-fledged Health Psychologist around 2020.

              If you see me around, feel free to come and have a chat!

                Caroline Dransfield

                Accounts Controller

                I have worked at Heartbeat since 2013. I have always worked in finance and I enjoy my job very much. I am responsible for making sure that every penny received is accounted for and also for making sure all of our bills are paid on time! I also produce monthly accounts and reports for the management team and the trustees so that they can make decisions that will support Heartbeat for the future.


                  Karen Gildert

                  Lottery Officer

                  I joined Heartbeat in 2012 as a volunteer; recruited at an event held at St. Ge