Preston North End NCS Students Fundraise for Heartbeat!

Our Heroes!

Preston North End deliver the NCS (National Citizen Service) programme throughout the year for 15 to 17 year olds, who enjoy new experiences and unique challenges whilst making their mark building skills for work and life.

After choosing Heartbeat for their fundraising experience they had a tour of our premises and learned about how Heartbeat help, support and care for over 800 people in the North West every week; these amazing students organised a fundraising day at Sainsbury’s at Deepdale.

Filled with enthusiasm, they donned their onesies, tu-tus and facepaint and spent the day bag packing and bucket collecting.

These amazing young people even came into Heartbeat HQ and counted the money. They saw the fundraising project from the beginning to end and raised a staggering £843 in cash, a £100 cheque sponsorship and an on-going Just Giving page.

Please click here to donate to Heartbeat and to also support what these brilliant young people have achieved!