The winners for the month of October are now available to view. All winners will be notified by post with their cheque.

1st October 2021

£1000 Winner K3301 Mr G Taylor

£100 Winner C8431 Mr R Collis

£50 Winners T3484 Ms Brenda Gibson K9638 Mrs Doreen Hall

£25 Winners T7125 Mr G Potter L2943 Mrs J M C Dunsmore

£20 Winners A2576 Mr Joseph Kenyon A1681 Mr John Whittle

£15 Winners Q8966 Mrs M C Thompson R4576 Mrs M Brown

£10 Winners N8055 Mrs Lynne Corcoran A7097 Miss Wendy Rogerson M2273 Mrs P Hignett

£10 Bonus Prizes D3301 J3301 L3301 M3301 P3301

£5 Bonus Winners J8246 J0270 M0612 N0800 R4902 J1191 L8398 M6239 A5147 P9866 J2446 A4454 B1176 K5238 R7098 M0113 K5732 R2394 T8614 J3704 N0970 T6475 Q5185 B5021 L7068 N3750 M4801D5114 J4467 K9408 S1192 M3506 S4554 J2495 M6296 D8766 D8139 K1556 R4447 C2293 P6556 U8972 J2620 N7919 A7485

8th October 2021

£1000 Winner R3164 Mr M Ward

£100 Winner M9407 P M Beckett

£50 Winners P5436 Mr F Hubberstey A6722 Mr P Brennan

£25 Winners T0504 Mr Anthony Davis G5087 Mrs L Cattell

£20 Winners L0504 Mrs B Southward G0826 Mr William Taylor & Son

£15 Winners M2139 W A Pearson A9303 Mr Richard Smith

£10 Winners A5021 Mr Malcolm Whittle A4280 Mr F Murphy K2502 Mr I Harrison

£10 Bonus Prizes D3164 J3164 K3164 L3164 M3164 N3164 P3164 S3164

£5 Bonus Winners K8691 P5460 S3923 E1151 P3752 L1073 N7816 M1497 L8121 R9353 K5117 T9409 P5563 N6975 P1819 J5688 K0599 D7101 M6345 Q6389 S4218 M4390 M2524 P6550 M9898 V1725 M9741 K0057 P3538 A4896 J0308 K0080 J2752 R7076 L7341 K1699 R0312 B3681 N3223 K3774 T9416 N0858 T2007 B7470 S2915