Stephen’s Story

This is Stephen Little a fit 60-year-old ex-police officer from Penwortham who never thought he would need the services of a heart rehabilitation centre. Stephen, who is married with two children, was a regular visitor to his local gym. In July 2017 on a normal visit to the gym he started to get pains in

Alan Turner’s Story

Case Study Date: March 2019 This is Alan, a cheeky chappy from Liverpool AKA as Mr Happy from his students at the school where he works as a science technician. In 2016 Alan aged just 42 suffered a huge heart attack. Alan was at work at the time lifting 10kg weights from one room to

Kathleen Scargill’s Story

Case Study Date: February 2019 Meet Kathleen, born and bred in Fulwood on her father’s farm. Kathleen now 75 years old has had to go through some very difficult times, having been widowed three times raising three children on her own all whilst working as a secretary to support her family. Kathleen has also battled

Mike’s Story…

I’m a 53 year old Chartered Civil Engineer. I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly fit and healthy guy. I’m not overweight, I have a pretty healthy diet (skimmed milk, low fat spreads, not too much red meat, decent amounts of fruit, veg and oily fish etc). Alcohol? Yes please, but only in moderation.

Graham’s Story…

When Graham Kirkham suffered a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass at the age of 44 he was stunned. Although there was history of heart disease in the family Graham always felt he was fairly fit and active, “I thought I was bullet proof as I was never ill and worked long hours in

Gavin’s Story …

It’s November 2012 and I’ve just popped in to see Dr. Dingle about a touch of flu that seems to have settled onto my chest, me thinks a session with some antibiotics should do the trick. ‘Not so fast’, says he ‘first tell me about those times you find yourself out of breath’. That was