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On 18th November a sumptuous dinner organised as a tribute to legendary poultry farmer the late Reg Johnson, the man who got the country’s top chefs to prefix their duck and chicken dishes with the word Goosnargh to put the village on the culinary map, turned out to be a real menu pleaser not just for its 320 guests but also, his two favourite charities.

The event, held at Blackburn Rovers’ Ewood Park ground last November, raised £20,000 for the Reg Johnson Foundation, which has now been equally divided between Rosemere Cancer Foundation and cardiac rehabilitation charity Heartbeat, which is based at Preston North End’s Deepdale ground.

Reg’s daughter Kara Johnson and family friend Norma Scott met with Rosemere’s Louise Grant and Heartbeat’s Louise Bache at Deepdale to present each with their share.

Kara and Norma were also the dinner’s organisers, helped by another of Reg’s close friends, Northcote’s Michelin-starred chef Nigel Haworth.

On behalf of Heartbeat Lisa Riding the senior fundraising officer said – “I would also like to thank Norma, Kara and all those that supported the Reg Johnson Foundation at the event which raised this amazing amount for two local charities. Heartbeat is the North West Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre based within Preston North End with outreach sites over Preston, Blackpool and Chorley”

2018 is extremely significant for Heartbeat as it celebrates 40 years serving the local community. The money raised from this event will go towards the much-needed funds which enables Heartbeat to provide rehabilitation classes to over 900 people per week which currently costs over 1 million pounds per year. Visit Buy Gador Alprazolam to find out more about Heartbeat and its work in the local community.

The Reg Johnson Foundation was set up in Reg’s memory following his death two years ago.

Xanax To Buy Online Uk

Photo: Kara Johnson, second from the left, and Norma Scott present Heartbeat’s Louise Bache (far left) and Rosemere’s Louise Grant (far right) with equal shares of the proceeds from the Reg Johnson Charity Foundation Dinner

Xanax Rx Online

Sporting communities in Leyland have raised almost £2,000 for Heartbeat. Families took part in a one-mile fun run around the squash courts at Leyland Leisure Centre, with a total of £1,750 gained through sponsorship.

Organiser John Gibson said: “Heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer, with one in four people in Lancashire affected. Encouraging children with their parents to take part in sport has numerous health benefits and is a great way to improve the heart health of our future generations.

“Heartbeat has to raise a million pounds a year to ensure it keeps up the great work.

“I want to thanks everybody who made donations, especially Dave Culshaw from UK Car Line Ltd who gave £500; Erin Hawthorne from Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd, who donated £250 and Jon Nelson from M2M Intelligence Ltd who gave £250.

“I also want to say a big to Costa Coffee for sponsoring the event for the third year, Leyland Leisure Centre for allowing us to use the courts for free, and Lancashire Police for providing police cadets to help us record the lengths everybody ran.

“I am grateful for all the great prizes which organisations and companies gave me, the children and adults who took part, and everybody who kindly donated something.”

Squash players also held two fund-raising matches for the Preston-based heart charity, gathering a further £150.

John added: “Despite many of our children not available because they were playing in national and county events, we still managed to raise £150.

“My personal thanks to Jodi Evans, of Euxton Park Golf Centre, who sponsored the junior event, and Paul Kennedy, of Go Cruise, who sponsored the adult event.”

Volunteers collecting at St George’s Shopping Centre raised a further £175.


Xanax Buy UkHeartbeat would like to thank everyone involved and John Gibson for his continued support and organising such amazing events!



For more information at the LEP please click here Buy Xanax Us Online

If you would like to chat to a member of the Fundraising Team to discuss a sponsorship opportunity or fundraising ideas please phone 01772 717147 or email Order Xanax Overnight Online


Ordering Xanax From Canada

Youngsters pack bags at Waitrose for Heartbeat

Youngsters from Balshaws, Archbishop Temple, Astley Park, Lostock Hall High, All Hallows, Lostock Hall Community Primary School and Clayton-le-Woods Primary School packed bags at Waitrose in Preston.

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Michelle Hunt, head of fund-raising at Heartbeat, in Preston, said: “We would like to thank all the pupils involved. They raised £200 in donations which will be used to help fund the work of Heartbeat. One in four people in Lancashire are affected by heart Alprazolam Online Reviews disease and it is thanks to the support of local people that a service like Heartbeat exists.”

Very special thanks to John Gibson for organising the volunteers and to Waitrose for their continued support.

Please click here for link to LEP website for more information Online Xanax Overnight Shipping

For more information of Store Collections or to help with volunteering or raising funds for Heartbeat please click Where To Buy Xanax Powder or call Lynn on 01772 7107147 (Buy Xanax Eu) thank you.