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A heartfelt thanks to Barclays!

Heartbeat is celebrating the fantastic fundraising efforts of staff from Barclays in Preston. Barclays have been supporting Heartbeat as one of their chosen charities and in 2016 they have raised nearly £6,000 for us!

Chris Nelson, branch manager from Barclays said, ‘The staff from Barclays Preston are proud to be able to support Heartbeat.  It’s been great for the local branch team to get involved with Charity work throughout 2016 and we are fully aware and appreciative of the support and services Heartbeat offer to help heart patients and those at risk of developing heart disease across Lancashire.’

Each week Heartbeat supports nearly 800 local people with cardiac rehabilitation sessions in Preston and the surrounding areas which currently costs nearly £1 million per year, all of which needs to come from voluntary donations!

Support from organisations like Barclays is vital to keeping the charity going according to Fundraising Manager, Michelle Hunt ‘Heartbeat is 100% reliant on voluntary donations, and local support like that from Barclays is so important to us. It has been great to work with the Barclays team who have been fantastic at fundraising and getting involved with Heartbeat events throughout the year. Their support and generosity will go a long way in helping hundreds of local people, affected by, and at high risk of heart disease.’

Thank you for your support Woodland Opticians!

Staff from Woodhouse Opticians on Highfield Road, Blackpool visited Heartbeat’s Blackpool class at Stanley Park Leisure Centre to see firsthand what their fundraising efforts were going towards. The team at Woodhouse raised £731.64 following their Christmas event and raffle.

Woodhouse Opticians 2

The evening saw the Highfield Road community come together to for a night of mulled wine, nibbles, prosecco and even a visit from Father & Mother Christmas.  The night also launched the annual Christmas Raffle held by Woodhouse Opticians which raises funds for local charities.

Heartbeat support over 800 people every week across the North West who are living with heart disease through a specialist, GP led cardiac rehabilitation programme. Heartbeat’s preventative work, which in 2016 reached over 3500 school children, works in the community to raise awareness of heart disease and to promote a healthier lifestyle.
Heartbeat need to raise over £900,000 each year to continue to offer these services, all of which is raised through voluntary donations from people such as the team at Woodhouse Opticians.

If you’re inspired by Julie and the team at Woodhouse Opticians to support Heartbeat, contact Mark Cassidy on 01772 717 147 or


“One Mile FUN Run on Squash Courts” at Leyland Leisure Centre supporting local Chartity “HEARTBEAT” sponsored by “COSTA COFFEE”

On Saturday 26th November for the third year running I held a “FUN I Mile Run” for HEARTBEAT on the squash courts at Leyland Leisure Centre.

Helen Clitheroe despite a busy schedule came down to officially open the event. Unfortunately Rachid Elarkam the Retail Development Manager of Whitbread COSTA Lancashire & Cumbria was caught up in traffic in Manchester and was unable to make the photocall.

Helping me as young volunteers were members of our junior club and a student from Runshaw College recording the lengths everybody ran.

Despite many other events and activities held locally over the weekend, one of being a swimming gala at Leyland Leisure Centre, we still managed to raise £600.

The Heartbeat Fun run at Leyland Leisure Centre

The Heartbeat Fun run at Leyland Leisure Centre

This included £150 which nine youngsters from “Leyland Lions Junior Squash & Racketball Club” raised as young volunteers at a stand I booked by Costa Coffee in St Georges Shopping Centre in Preston last month.

On one court were children (aged 6-15 years), on the other court adults.

Quote from Rachid Elarkam, Retail Development Manager Whitbread COSTA Lancashire & Cumbria ” We were excited to be involved in this community event again providing vouchers for attendees and seeing everyone get involved.  We will continue to integrate our stores with the local community, getting involved with events, providing our stores as meeting places and helping with fundraising”.

Quote from Helen Clitheroe the GB runner “I was delighted to support the event again”.

John Gibson Support 2

Quote from Michelle Hunt Fundraising Manager at Heartbeat “We are very grateful to John for once again organising a sponsored event in aid of Heartbeat. Thank you to Costa Coffee for sponsoring the event and Leyland Leisure Centre for hosting the event again. The money raised from the event will go towards the on-going work provided to local people that require heart rehabilitation by providing an exercise-based Cardiac Rehabilitation programme, fully supervised by trained instructors, to those recovering from heart attack, surgery or stroke and supports those at risk of developing these conditions.”

HEARTBEAT are located at the old National Football Museum at Deepdale.

My thanks also to Donna Clifford who took the photos.

Thanks everybody for your support, it was very much appreciated.

John Gibson
Leyland Lions Junior Squash & Racketball Club
Volunteer Sports Events Fundraiser for Charity

We are so proud of our patron!

Congratulations Ranvir!

On the 20th January, in a spectacular inauguration event held at Preston Guild Hall, Ranvir Singh Heartbeat’s Patron was sworn in as the new Chancellor of the University of Central Lancashire.

Ranvir UCLAN


Ranvir was born and educated in Preston.  In 2013 she received a UCLan Honorary Fellowship for her contribution to broadcasting.

Ranvir UCLAN 2


Only the third Chancellor to be appointed by the University, David Taylor Pro-Chancellor and Chair of the University Board said ‘Ranvir’s individual qualities of talent and determination, as well as her professional achievements, make her an ideal fit for the role, I know she will be an excellent role model for our students’.


Heartbeat are delighted, congratulations Ranvir!


Peter Robinson runs The Great North Run for Heartbeat

The primary reason for raising money for Heartbeat is that my Dad underwent a heart valve replacement operation last year and he cannot speak highly enough of the support and guidance he has received from Heartbeat. He still attends Heartbeat twice weekly for gym sessions and is benefitting hugely from the aftercare you provide.

From a personal point of view I took the decision 18 months ago that I really needed to sort myself out having got terribly unfit, overweight, eating unhealthy and a heavy smoker too! Therefore, I slowly changed my lifestyle and too my surprise found that running was a great way to keep fit.

I have/gradually built up the frequency and distances over the past 18 months so decided to enter the ballot for the Great North Run. To my shock, horror and surprise I was successful in the ballot entry but was subsequently stalked by a number of large well known charities ‘touting’ for my business. I therefore quickly decided to a) keep it local and b) raise money  for a charity that has benefitted my family and that does not receive large scale donations, government help etc.

The only thing I needed to do now was train and raise the money!

The run itself was tough – far tougher than I expected which was largely due to the unseasonably warm weather conditions and what seemed like an endless incline. However, the North east crowd are amazing, cheering everyone on from start to finish. If you wanted you could benefit from items being handed out by spectators such as jelly babies, ice pops and I’m told even Beer!. Also, during the tough moments on the course you only need to look around you and see people for all shapes and sizes raising money for hundreds of worthwhile charities. The dedications to family members on the back of people’s running shirts are an inspiration.

So, 1 hour, 59 minutes and 30 seconds later I crossed the finish line. I’ve never been so happy to come 10,817th in my life. So far I’ve raised £1,288.

If you’re inspired by Peter’s story and would like to take on a challenge to raise money for Heartbeat, contact Mark on 01772 717 147 or at

Heartfelt thanks and a happy 70th birthday to David Banks

On Sunday 4th December 2016 Heartbeat member, David Banks, completed to the Lancaster half marathon to celebrate his 70th birthday. Well done David!

Here’s his message to you.

“Hi guys,

Well I completed the Lancaster 1/2 marathon along the banks of the Lune yesterday morning in 2hrs 11 minutes and 24 seconds

Following my two Cardiac procedures in 2013 I was contacted by a Cardiac nurse from the local charity Heartbeat. They helped me with advice with medication, enlisted me on the six week rehabilitation course in the gym and most of all gave me back my confidence.

Dave Banks 2

I am an ex-submariner from the Royal Navy and keen keep fitter who has completed 10 marathons so imagine; after my collapse I felt my whole world had fallen apart.

I have kept attending the gym classes at the fantastic rehabilitation centre at Deepdale Stadium and built up my fitness which helped me run the 13.1 mile race yesterday.

I ran it for Heartbeat and would be grateful for any donations.


David Banks”

Dave Banks 1

If you would like to make a donation towards David’s efforts, visit his JustGiving page or pop in to Heartbeat NWCC.




Lauren’s Total Warrior Challenge in aid of local Heart Charity!

Press Release

Date: 5th July 2016

Lauren Hoggs 8

Lauren Hogg from Fulwood in Preston recently took part in the one of the toughest challenges on the fundraising calendar in aid of local heart charity Heartbeat.
Lauren took part in ‘Total Warrior’ Leeds in June and decided to give something back to the charity that supported her Grandpa Grant Williams over the years by raising sponsorship for Heartbeat.
Lauren said, “The first obstacle was a 1km run, which you had to run to begin with. This was up and down a rather steep hill and took its toll on me. I honestly thought if this was the first obstacle it was only going to get worse. Which it did mud wise.

For those who know me I don’t do mud or dirt, so to be thrown in at the deep end (literally) in thigh high thick mud was probably my worst nigtmare! After this there was a lot of freezing water, more mud and challenging obstacles. I knew that I had to keep going though, not only to get back to the car but also to complete this challenge to show all the people who believed in me and supported me both mentally and physically, by donating to Heartbeat, that I could do this and would do this. After all the obstacles, cuts and bruises and the thought of having a shower, I completed the course in 2 hours and 34 minutes.

I choose to raise money for Heartbeat after they supported my Grandpa for 17 years. In May 1998, Grant Williams suffered a heart attack and in that August he underwent 6 heart bypasses in one hit. After this, he went to Heartbeat for rehabilitation, to meet people who had gone through the same thing and eventually using the gym equipment to monitor his progress. We sadly lost him last July, so as a thankyou for all their help, I wanted to raise some money for Heartbeat so they can continue to help those in the future, as this charity is very close to our family’s heart.
I am hoping to have a total of almost £500 by the end which is more than triple what I initially set out to achieve, so fingers crossed.’

Lisa Riding Heartbeat fundraiser said, “I would like to thank Lauren for taking part in this gruelling challenge in aid of Heartbeat and we would like to wish her well in reaching her fundraising target. There is still time to sponsor Lauren visit her justgiving page

Sponsored events are extremely important to Heartbeat as the money collected will go towards the on-going work provided to local people that require heart rehabilitation by providing an exercise-based Cardiac Rehabilitation programme, fully supervised by trained instructors, to those recovering from heart attack, surgery or stroke and supports those at risk of developing these conditions.

We also provide testing and monitoring services such as 24 hour blood pressure and ECG reports in advance of joining the programme.

The programme is a controlled mix of physical exercise, relaxation, education, support and advice-helping each individual to reach their personal goal and work towards a heart healthy brighter future.

Each week we support over 800 local people at our sessions in Preston and surrounding areas which currently cost over £900k per year, all of which needs to come from voluntary donations!

If you are looking to take up a challenge in aid of your local heart charity please get in contact with Lisa or Mark in fundraising on 01772 717147 or email’
Photo attached – Lauren Hogg taking part in the Total Warrior obstacles.

Registered Charity 511786

Huge Thanks to Springfields Westinghouse & Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Heartbeat would like to thank Springfields Westinghouse for nominating Heartbeat to benefit from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Fund.

Westinghouse Springfield’s



Heartbeat fundraiser Mark pictured here in the centre collecting the wonderful £1,000 cheque from Springfields representative Eliot Catterson (left) and Jake Ankers (right) from Enterprise.
Thank you to both Springfields and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for your support, it is very much appreciated!

BHF & Heartbeat give cardiac arrest victims fighting chance of survival

Heartbeat gains funding for Life-saving defibrillator at Preston North End FC

Heartbeat based at Preston North End is to become a community of lifesavers after it has been fitted with a public access defibrillator (PAD) and has been awarded a CPR training kit by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The Community Package contains the innovative kit which includes everything needed to learn CPR in half an hour.  Heartbeat plan to run training sessions in the local community meaning everyone can become potential lifesavers to book onto a course contact or telephone 01772 717147.

Defib 1

The defibrillator is a portable device that can be used by a member of the public to help restart the heart when someone has a cardiac arrest. This is when the heart stops pumping blood around the body and they lose consciousness almost at once. For every minute that passes without defibrillation and CPR, chances of survival decrease by around ten per cent. So it’s really important the people of Deepdale know both of these vital steps to help someone in an emergency.

Over 30,000 cardiac arrests happen out of hospital in the UK every year but currently less than one in ten survive. The BHF want to create a Nation of Lifesavers in a bid to boost these shocking survival rates.

The charity is campaigning for defibrillators to be made more accessible and recognisable to the public. Heartbeat want all young people to be taught CPR and PAD awareness at school.

Siân Percival-Edwards from Heartbeat said: “The defibrillator will be placed on the front of our building just behind the iconic Sir Tom Finney Statue at Preston North End FC meaning that local people have the best chance of survival should they suffer a cardiac arrest. We’re keen to get as many people as possible trained in CPR too. We’re now working to raise money for further defib’s to be placed around our community.”
heart in right place
Judy O’Sullivan, Assistant Programme Director at the BHF, said: “More than 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital every year but less than one in ten survive. More people could be saved if more defibrillators were available in public places and if more people felt confident using them and performing CPR. We are delighted that Heartbeat have joined the BHF’s Nation of Lifesavers campaign – by making another defibrillator available in a public location and teaching CPR locally. It could really be the difference between life and death. ”

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest their heart stops pumping blood around the body. They lose conscious almost at once and there are no signs of life. For every minute that passes without defibrillation and CPR, chances of survival decrease by around ten per cent. So it’s really important people in the Deepdale area know both of these vital steps to help someone in an emergency.


Heartbeat Defib PNE


Click here for instructions and further information


Conlon place their 6th external Defibrillator !

Heartbeat and Westfield Health are proud to support Conlon Construction with the placement of their 6th Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


Conlon Construction based in Bamber Bridge in Preston have been pioneers in the construction industry by providing the best cialis tadalafil care for their staff and members of the community in the event of a cardiac arrest by placing AED’s on their sites and training their staff and local community in its safe use.

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