Alan Turner’s Story

Case Study

Date: March 2019

This is Alan, a cheeky chappy from Liverpool AKA as Mr Happy from his students at the school where he works as a science technician.

In 2016 Alan aged just 42 suffered a huge heart attack. Alan was at work at the time lifting 10kg weights from one room to another when he thought he was suffering with indigestion. A prickling sensation then started in his arm and a pain in his jaw and back which made Alan realise this could be more serious than just indigestion. Later that day Alan went home and did some decorating, however the pain wasn’t easing so he took himself off to the hospital on the bus!

Royal Preston hospital assessed Alan and he was suffering a huge heart attack. He was later transferred to Blackpool Victoria Hospital where he had an operation to have a stent fitted.

Alan who is also battling with non-Hodgkinson Lymphoma is doing fantastic at his rehabilitation classes at Heartbeat.

Alan said “I started my rehabilitation journey with Heartbeat and initially left after six weeks to join a ‘normal’ gym, however I returned to Heartbeat in June last year. The support that you get from the instructors at Heartbeat is fantastic and unlike your standard gym.”

Alan attends his exercises classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Heartbeat, and he plays badminton twice a week. The changes he has made to his lifestyle have resulted in him losing a stone in weight. He enjoys exercising with Heartbeat knowing there are specialised instructors on standby if anything was to go wrong!

Lisa Riding Heartbeat fundraiser said “Keep doing what you’re doing Alan. You are a superstar and have had to deal with a lot over the past few years. The instructors love having you in their classes and it’s a real joy to hear just how you enjoy your classes. Heartbeat supports over 950 local people per week just like Alan and have been rehabilitating heart patients and those at risk for over 40 years.”


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