Kathleen Scargill’s Story

Case Study

Date: February 2019

Meet Kathleen, born and bred in Fulwood on her father’s farm. Kathleen now 75 years old has had to go through some very difficult times, having been widowed three times raising three children on her own all whilst working as a secretary to support her family. Kathleen has also battled with her health, suffering with severe back pain resulting in several back operations along with cancer of the kidney and bladder.

Kathleen joined Heartbeat in 2018 after suffering a heart attack. One late evening in July Kathleen began to feel unwell and had a strange sensation in arm. She rang her son and he insisted she call an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, they took her to Lancaster hospital to have further checks. She was then transferred to Blackpool where she had an Angiogram and it was confirmed she had suffered a heart attack and would need a stent fitted.

Kathleen said, “I couldn’t actually believe I had suffered a heart attack, although I had felt strange, I wasn’t really in any pain, more of a discomfort.”

Once the stent had been fitted Kathleen started her rehabilitation firstly at the hospital, then with us here at Heartbeat. Attending classes on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Kathleen added, “I really enjoy my classes here at Heartbeat with my instructors Jackie and Rebecca. I like using the treadmill, rowing and the stepper and feel so safe and secure exercising with trained BACPR instructors”

Lisa Riding Heartbeat fundraiser said, “Kathleen is a truly amazing lady, a real inspiration to us all. I was blown away by just how much she has gone through and her commitment to attend her weekly classes whilst continuing to battle with ongoing heart investigations and on discovering another tumour in her bladder.

Heartbeat supports over 900 local people per week just like Kathleen and have been rehabilitating heart patients and those at risk for over 40 years.”

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