Message from Heartbeat CEO

There are news updates coming out currently with regards to many restrictions being lifted on the 19th July. This is great for the general population but as you all know our classes provide support for people who are at high risk. Many of you have been isolating for almost a year and we feel that to keep you all safe we will continue with our current procedures for a further 3 months and we will review our procedures at the end of September 2021.

I know that some of you may feel that this is a long time to continue with our social distancing, cleaning and facemasks throughout centres but please understand that many class members have still not returned, due to feeling unsafe in these difficult times, so keeping these measures in place for a little longer is our way of showing you all how much your safety means to us.

Our hope is that you will all stay safe and well and we can work with you to improve your health and confidence. We are hoping that keeping these measures in place will mean that we can keep our classes open for you all to attend.

Louise Bache, CEO