Corporate support

Corporate Fundraising

Together we can make a difference to local people throughout Lancashire who have been affected or at high risk of heart disease or heart failure!

Every year many businesses choose a charity to support and engage their employees in fundraising activities. Choosing Heartbeat helps to raise vital funds and also awareness. It gives businesses and their employees an opportunity to improve heart health and deliver real change in their local communities.

Why choose to work with Heartbeat?

  • Help support your local heart charity, and local people who rely on Heartbeat’s services

  • Motivate your employees, encourage team building and develop new skills

  • Be proactive in looking after your employees’ health and well being

  • Positive PR and social media opportunities to help build your community profile

  • Increase employees job satisfaction by providing fun, engaging and rewarding activities

  • Access to First Aid Training / AED Training at a discounted rate

  • Work together to fight heart disease and improve the health of our local community

Ways your business can support Heartbeat

In return, Heartbeat promises to continue supporting over 950 people each week, throughout local areas in Lancashire.

Contact our Corporate Fundraiser Karen Entwistle on 01772 717147 or email