Welcome to Heartbeat

We are the North West’s leading cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation charity, providing services for nearly 1,000 people every single week. Based in Preston and working in the surrounding areas, the charity has supported heart patients and those at risk since 1978.

Read about our future plans in our Heartbeat Strategy document.


Heartbeat is a Lancashire based charity established over 40 years ago. Our purpose is to contribute to a reduction in cardiovascular disease through the delivery of services aimed at existing heart patients and those identified as at risk of developing it.

Heartbeat delivers; exercise, clinical testing, education, advice, support and training to children, young people and adults across Lancashire.

Based on the site of Preston North End football club we have a bespoke heart centre and 8 satellite sites all offering a tailored approach to tackling heart disease, to nearly 1,000 people take part every week.

Our Mission

Heartbeat is committed to the fight to reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease in all our communities within the North West through rehabilitation, information and advice, education and lifestyle support

Funding Heartbeat

Each year Heartbeat has to raise £1m to continue to successfully deliver heart services and support in Preston and across Lancashire. The charity is solely funded by its own fundraising activities and the generous donations of our supporters, it does not at present receive any external funding from the NHS or government.

The charity is completely independent of the British Heart Foundation and any other heart charities, it runs independently to serve and improve the lives of local poeple.

Our head office and cardiac rehabilitation centre is located on the site of Preston North End football club, in addition to this we have 8 other classes and programmes across Lancashire.

The Heartbeat Team

Heartbeat has a team of dedicated professionals all focused on providing a high standard of care, effective services and support to help our participants achieve the best health outcomes.

The team includes a clinical director, local GP’s and specialist nurses for medical services.

Two cardiac physiologists are on site to deliver our clinical testing whilst our health and lifestyles development manager is educating children, young people and adults on-site and in the community.

A team of qualified fitness instructors guide our participants through structured exercise classes with a patient support officer supporting their journey.

The fundraising and lottery teams provide an annual programme of innovative events and activities that raise the vital funds to keep Heartbeat’s services going.

The senior management team make sure the charity utilises Heartbeat’s income to its full potential and a board of trustees (all volunteers) who provide governance.

To contact our team please email events@heartbeat-nwcc.org.uk for Fundraising queries or for anything else please email info@heartbeat-nwcc.org.uk and we will be in touch as soon as we can. Many thanks.

“I am so grateful for the work your team did in helping me to tackle my obesity through the gym at Pond House and at Deepdale. Jackie Julia and Carl were really great.  I’m now swimming 3 times per week and have never been so fit!”


“A great service for the people of Lancashire providing superb care and health initiatives to prevent reoccurrence of heart issues and support for early intervention and life saving. Funded by donations and fund raising”


“I went for my induction in the gym and really enjoyed it. The staff were very friendly and made you feel at ease. Looking forward to going again on Monday.”


“Always a pleasure to visit Heartbeat. I did learn however I’m not as fit as I thought!”


“Great charity run by top people doing very good work for the community”



Every year Heartbeat supports hundreds of people living in Lancashire affected by the devastating effects of cardiovascular disease. Through Heartbeat’s medically led testing and cardiac exercise programmes we provide essential support to hundreds of people living with or at risk of developing heart problems.
Any donation that you could give would be gratefully received!
♥£5 could go towards saving someone’s life
♥£1,000 could help buy a piece of equipment
Any amount will make a valuable contribution towards achieving positive health outcomes for children, young people and adults.